BOM - September Block 1

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I'm less scared of curved piecing! What advice would you give someone starting this project? Take it slow, that goes for BOTH cutting and sewing... it's not actually as hard as I expected!

What you will need

  • I made my own template out of template plastic... worked better than I expected but a bit nerve wracking minding the fingers! If I decide to make more curved blocks then I will definitely invest in a proper set... if only for safety sake!

Q&A with Pam NZ

patz in suffolk asked:
I didn't use a plastic template, but cut out a cardboard one, drew round it with a ballpoint pen, and then cut out with scissors. That way, no cut fingers, and it seemed fairly accurate. I like your block - it was worth the worry about your fingers!
Pam NZ answered:
Well Pat you are a glutton for hard work LOL... rotary cutter is soooooo much easier than scissors LOL... even if one does has to live life on the "edge" with it. Sure has been a great journey to share with you guys.
Darns asked:
Really like this block especially the stripe fabric! I also risked finger tips with a plastic template - pretty scary. Cardboard would be the way to go if you don't get the acrylic templates.
Pam NZ answered:
Thanks Darns, the stripes were an after thought... so am pleased it worked ok since this block was no place for my beloved zig zags LOL. I'm thinking the plastic template on top of a thicker cardboard might be the way to go.... give it a bit of height, but the template would give it strength?
Kati R asked:
I agree with Darns, the stripe fabric looks amazing in this block! It looks like a bird flying. Really pretty, Pam!
Pam NZ answered:
Oooooh a bird flying... I hadn't seen that... yep I do believe you're right! Thanks ;-)
befney asked:
looks great! I brought the templates but still drew around them and cut out with scissors.
Pam NZ answered:
Thanks... cor another one keen to make more work for herself LOL?
Ana Maria Perna asked:
What I like most is the accurate points and the watercoloury harlequin fabric. This makes me want to go on making the BOMs. I stopped at April and I see there's lots lo do and learn! Thanks for sharing It's really inspiring.
Pam NZ answered:
Oh no you HAVE to keep going! There's a couple of blocks that I'm not quite so keen on but I made the decision to try each and every one of them... and I'm glad I did as I have learnt something new from every block, not to mention learning from others. This has been an amazing journey for someone like me who had never quilted before... never even had the desire to so not quite sure what happened LOL. I was thrilled and surprised at how this block came together so neatly... heart in mouth a lot of the time! The batik was a late addition when I started running out of fabric... only a scrap piece unfortunately or I would have bought a bolt of it, just love it too!

Skill Level