BOM Quilt Top

Q&A with Abby West

Merrypal asked:
Wow, if this is your placement on black it is great!
Abby West answered:
Thank you. yes it is my placement.
JayP asked:
Stunning. You have taken scrappy and made it chic. I love it
Abby West answered:
thank you
Darns asked:
I knew this was going to look great! Is is king sized? Looks huge! Are you going to quilt it yourself?
Abby West answered:
Thank you. Just went and measured the quilt since it is still up on the design wall it is 85 x 66 1/2. I plan on quilting it myself. I am working on the back right now and it will have the dark grey and a few improv log cabin blocks thrown in I think.
K Lee 2Strings asked:
Wow! The solids are just stunning on the gray background. The blocks themselves show so many wonderful, original twists on the designs, and the placement of blocks is terribly unique and truly catches the eye.
Abby West answered:
thank you.
B. Bugg asked:
A standout quilt top! Catchy colors and patterns and love the solid gray blocks. Terrific idea!
Abby West answered:
thank you.