Project Description

What advice would you give someone starting this project? I have to learn to stand infront of the block when I take the pictures - otherwise they look crooked. I'm sure we all share that little optical issue. Relax and let it happen.

Q&A with dkaym

Sandyroy asked:
what block is this?
dkaym answered:
Modern Log Cabin - May lesson
DaleC asked:
This is neat! I like the way you combined wonky log cabin with the little 4 square and framed them both.
dkaym answered:
Thanks, they just seemed to yell USE ME! USE ME! amidst the scrapps stacked on my table.
Surfside6 asked:
This is lovely. Colors look great together. I agree with DaleC. You did a nice mix on the pattern we had to work with. Nice job
dkaym answered:
Thank you
Merrypal asked:
Your wonky log cabin is so clever. Love your idea. Thanks for sharing your beautiful work!
dkaym answered:
Thank you. I had fun doing it.
Gabisew asked:
Love it!
dkaym answered:
Thank you

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