BOM -- Layout Audition

Project Description

What are you most proud of? That I actually got all these blocks done... and I enjoyed it very much. (Now it's on to sashing, etc.) What advice would you give someone starting this project? Stick with it -- you'll be glad you did. Lots to learn... so just enjoy the process. And, at the end, you'll get something that only you could have made. It's a great feeling.

What you will need

  • My BOM fabrics

Q&A with AlyxRansom

Darns asked:
I like it! Looks way cool!
AlyxRansom answered:
Thanks Darns! I'm still fussing with the layout... on about permutation 18...
Polarjo asked:
Great variations on some of the blocks. You've done a wonderful job.
AlyxRansom answered:
Thanks! I'm pretty happy with it...
NanaJeanFL asked:
These are even more fabulous now they're all together! Only suggestion I'd make is for the corners. Three of 4 are the same. Try moving that 4th matching one out to the final corner. If you do, place them so the background colors oppose each other - sort of "X" style (for X-files?). That said - trust your instincts and please your own eye. Great quilt!!!
AlyxRansom answered:
Thanks Jean! This was my first "official" layout audition. I, of course, didn't realize until I saw it posted here that 3 of 4 of the corners were the unity blocks! I'm continuing to fuss with it -- am up to about permutation 18 or so! I'll post a few more pics. How is *your* quilt coming? Have you decided to take the FMQ class?
patz in suffolk asked:
Gorgeous! Can't waiting to see it all sashed, quilted, bound and finished (and nor can you, I expect). I agree with Jean - moving that one block would give your design balance - but still, it's your quilt and you're in charge. It'll be beautiful whatever you do!
AlyxRansom answered:
Thanks! I have three fabrics ready to go for sashing, trimming, binding, etc. Am still playing with the layout...
Julieannabell asked:
Great Job! I agree to all four corners matching would be wonderful balance. What stashing colour are you thinking of using? Choose something that has the WOW factor! Look at your colour chart to see the opposite colour choice. Get some strips of colours that you like and audition them too and stand back and see which one pops with all those beautiful fabrics that you already have choosen. Love to see what you pick! Have fun Julieannabell.
AlyxRansom answered:
Thanks. I have three fabrics ready to go -- haven't quite decided, yet, on what I'll be doing... it's very exciting...

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