BOM dresden

Project Description

What advice would you give someone starting this project? Use an 18 degree template, not a 15 degree one. But if all you have is 15 degrees, make 24 panels, not 20. If your "plate" doesn't flatten in the center, resew the inner seams to a slosh larger than 1/4", but leave the outer points the same. Or add a few panels.

What you will need

  • Cotton batik

Q&A with TerryChase

Ladymax asked:
Regardless of problems, this looks great and will look lovely in a quilt. Terrific colours.
TerryChase answered:
Thanks. Hubby wants a very bright quilt in our BR by summer. And I'm a bright color nut.
4bird2 asked:
So, do you have to adjust it for size in the quilt? I like the long blades and small center,
TerryChase answered:
I'll probably put a border on the block. The blades are only 4" long but look longer because the center is so small. I think I like it better this way.
MarjorieV asked:
So cute! Love the colors, your quilt will be lovely. I cute too many wedges and did not wish to make more dresden blocks, so I sewed the wedges together, flipping back and forth to make stripes which I added to enlarge a quilt (not finished). It turned out as a nice border, I may do this again to make scrappy borders. Look forward yo seeing your finished quilt. :-)
TerryChase answered:
I'd love to see that border.
Crafting Angel asked:
Beautiful choice of colors, just lovely!
TerryChase answered:
Thank you.
holthanlon asked:
Terry, Another beautiful piece of work from you!!! I love your sense of color.
TerryChase answered:
I did good on the next one, though. Looks like the rising sun flag.