BOM Colorful

Project Description

What are you most proud of? The quilt is all nice & crinkly from being washed & dried I love the woven border & will use it again I tried all kinds of FMQ motifs - the Hex stripe block was an experiment in scale - I used Leah's feather filler (thanks to Cindy Needham), small at the top & getting bigger as I went What advice would you give someone starting this project? Do take your time I discovered that I am not very fond of high contrast quilting thread colors, but I do like slight contrast in the quilting thread color - but I did like the variegated thread in the border

What you will need

  • cotton fabrics ( Terrain by Kate Spain)
  • Isacord & Bottomline threads

Q&A with Darns

4bird2 asked:
Hi Darns, I like the difference in scale on your hexi block, very eye catching and leads my eye all over this block. You are very skilled and creating many awesome pieces. I said before, you are my hero.
Darns answered:
Thanks so much, 4Bird! By the way, do you have 4 birds?
Polarjo asked:
Another awesome piece. Those spiral rays on the sun block are inspired. I love the woven sashing. I just started Peggy Martin's paper piecing class and saw that on one of her quilts. Nice to see how well it works out on other projects.
Darns answered:
Thanks, Polarjo! I LOVE that woven sashing! I can see using it a lot.
Pam NZ asked:
Oh Darns, this one is so pretty! You are an inspiration girl friend! Really love the woven sashing on this one... another thing in my over flowing bucket list to try... in the meantime I'll just sit back and enjoy all your hard work. You rock! P.S. love the high contrast variegated feathers!
Darns answered:
Thanks, Pam! I know the feeling - the list of things I want to do grows daily. I was silly enough to get a circular sewing attachment for my machines - just what I need, to be going in circles!
patz in suffolk asked:
I absolutely love it all! But the feathery border and the woven sashing have just about blown me away! Wonderful - you should be very proud of this!
Darns answered:
Thank you, Pat! I'm feeling pretty good about doing feather borders now. I
Di4N4 asked:
Just gorgeous!! Your quilt is a work of art!! (I'm putting woven sashing on my "to do" list, also!)
Darns answered:
Thanks, Diana! The sashing is a bit fussy because the corners are made using partial seams but worth it I think.

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