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Q&A with Lesley Wood

4bird2 asked:
I really like your color combinations. I also am now going to learn how to quilt the one that I made. Can't wait to see what you have done with this beautiful quilt.
Lesley Wood answered:
Thanks. Hope to get it finished before Christmas, work permitting
Pat Sloan asked:
Your blocks look fabulous together!
Lesley Wood answered:
patz in suffolk asked:
I love the subtlety of your colours. This is going to make a really lovely quilt - are you going to use black for the sashing?
Lesley Wood answered:
Thanks Pat, not sure about the sashing. I have bought a plain fawny colour thinking it will outline them but haven't ruled black out yet
DeGramma asked:
Love your work! Great that we can talk about our passions clear across 'the pond' ..... ;) As for the house work, my motto is, it will be there waiting whenever I get around to it!!! LOL
Lesley Wood answered:
Thank you. I agree it is lovely getting comments from people all over the place. I love being part of the craftsy community. Your work is great too and as for housework!............ there is too much to do so I wear virtual blinkers on my up to my sewing room lol
DeGramma asked:
Your choice of fabrics and colors are outstanding. Are you going to sash it?
Lesley Wood answered:
Thanks, I think so, at the moment I am adding the 21/2 inch borders described by Leah to FMQ them all separately. I have added black as some of the squares were a bit small so it seemed a good way to size them all up. I have bought a fawny colour to do the sashing and think I will use that as I cannot get a satisfactory layout I am happy with when no massive black space is not together.