BOM August 2012

What you will need

  • 100% cotton fabrics

Q&A with Kati R

AngieRN asked:
Very pretty!
Kati R answered:
Thank you so much Angie!
nmackay asked:
wow! I really like this. From a distance, it looks like the light blue fabric on the outside points has a kind of transparent look, very effective!
Kati R answered:
Thank you! Yes, I noticed that too when I was taking a picture of it and stepped back a little bit.
Kedakai asked:
I love your use of one color in a dark-medium- light progression. Very nice!
Kati R answered:
Thank you very much!
littledumplin asked:
Love how you went from dark to light!!1
Kati R answered:
Funny, I messed up the cutting... I wanted to have the light fabric around the dark star and then the medium outside :))
K Lee 2Strings asked:
Beautiful "shadow" effect!
Kati R answered:
Thank you so much!

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