BOM April block 7

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I got it done. I don't think it would be difficult for most people just me. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Be able to hand sew.


mo.sews asked:
you know... this would make a darling decoration on pillowcases.... hmmm! Love your color choices and that you put an additional band of color in there! beautiful!
WVLISA answered:
You are right, pillowcases! But this is one pattern I don't think I will do again, but you never know.
mo.sews asked:
I understand... I couldn't SEE what I was doing with the hand stitches... so why do I have all my card stock templates in a plastic container like I'm going to take it along with me somewhere??? lol
WVLISA answered:
I hope yu nd the others find it enjoying, I am disabled and have problem doing hand sewing otherwise I would do it. You should keep those and do them.. I was being a negative nelly, sorry. A little mad at myself because I didn't complete the second block. But I finished my block 9 yesterday and plan to get 10 done tomorrow. My quilt just won't have block 8.. Thank you for the sweet comments.
Sewingal asked:
I really like the yellow border. I keep looking for inspiration for the paper pieced BOM and this one is good.
WVLISA answered:
Thank you!
ndlz1 asked:
I see you were determined! That's the spirit, and look how nice it turned out. Glad to see you're back!
WVLISA answered:
Yep! I already got 1 may block done

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