BOM 2012

Project Description

What are you most proud of? It's really hard to quilt on a average machine, so i decided quilt as you go. Not easy, but after thinking it thru I tried and the backside of my quilt became a quilt top as well. What advice would you give someone starting this project? give yourself a challenge, but think it out. The most important thing is to have fun. :)

Q&A with gisela622

SweetJasmine asked:
Great job. I finished mine and I'm keeping it too! It was too much work to give away.
gisela622 answered:
Thanks Sweet Jasmine, you r right too much work to give away I m looking yours up
quiltmom8652 asked:
I LOVE it!!! Your color choices and quilting designs arwe beautiful. I am just finishing mine. I'll be posting it soon. Happy quilting!
gisela622 answered:
Thanks quiltmom8652, its amazing how many different quilts there are with the same blocks
MargieG. asked:
Love your quilt. I just finished my last block and now trying to decide if I want to quilt the whole top or a block at a time. After looking at yours, I think I may do a block at a time.
gisela622 answered:
yes do that its so much easier than dragging this big qquilt thru your machine
Puppyart asked:
Really love what you did. What color was the thread you used for quilting? I'm just getting started.
gisela622 answered:
hi Puppyart most of the time i used whie some gray in the bobbin

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