Blue Ridge Mountain Sunset

You Can Make This

Cathy Geier made Blue Ridge Mountain Sunset with:

  • Cotton prints
  • batiks and some tulle

Q&A with Cathy Geier

juliat asked:
beautiful. I love the sky.
Cathy Geier answered:
Thank you Juliat.
Wendy Kelly Budd asked:
Very nice!
Cathy Geier answered:
Meredith K asked:
Wow, beautiful! Did you learn this technique in a class here on Craftsy? Do you use some sort of fusible method to put the strips on your batting so that they don't shift when you quilt? I'd love to try this! It's really cool! :) p.s. Your sun rays are so great!!
Cathy Geier answered:
Thank you! Actually this is a project from my next book. (Lovely Landscape Quilts, out in November '14). I use a tear away foundation to piece my strips. It is a fold/sew technique I developed to help keep straight rows straight. Once the quilt top is sewn together I use a fusible web instead of safety pins to baste. Between those two things, my strips stay straight even though I heavily quilt them. I used tulle for the rays, that was pretty easy and it worked out nicely. :)
calicosnowman asked:
WOW! Patience, patience, paid off. Hope you enter this at your local state fair. Am sure you'll get a blue ribbon for this. I'd give you one. The quilting is stunning, too.
Cathy Geier answered:
Thank you! I did enter it into a local show and got a red ribbon. (2nd Place). The first place went to a woman who won a first place ribbon in the big Paducah quilt show last year so I don't feel too badly about being #2. This is one of my favorite quilts and I liked the way it turned out so much I'm working on a really big sunset now. When I'm making a landscape like this, I never quite know for sure how it will turn out once the strips are sewn together.... it makes for fun, adventure and stress all at the same time. Lol.
bevjmo asked:
Awesome! I love this!
Cathy Geier answered:
Thank you Bev. :)