Created by: anytimeshirl

Blue Flannelette Teddy Rag Quilt

You Can Make This

anytimeshirl made Blue Flannelette Teddy Rag Quilt with:

  • 2 layers flannelette for top and bottom
  • calico for middle layer

Q&A with anytimeshirl

Kay Koehlmoos asked:
Love it. How big did you cut the squares? I have 4 baby showerscoming up in the next couple of months, and want to make this type of quilt for them. I have a large stash of flannels. Kay
anytimeshirl answered:
Hi Kay, these squares are cut 7", the seam allowance is 1/2" (The fluffy edge). I usually use flannel for the middle layer, but with flannel top and bottom, thought it would be too thick, this way it can be used as a wrap around too. Thanks for your interest
Lozzett asked:
Hi what do you call flannel, toweling or flannel is like the old fashioned pj material?? girl from the UK xx
anytimeshirl answered:
Hi, I used to call it flannelette, but the young ones all call it flannel - yes pj material (I usually think longjohns when I see flannel, lols

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