Blooming Hearts Quilting Sampler

What are you most proud of? Each block is a sample of Jacquie's walking foot quilting designs.

You Can Make This

Ladymax made Blooming Hearts Quilting Sampler with:

Creative Quilting With Your Walking Foot

Online Class

Creative Quilting With Your Walking Foot

with Jacquie Gering

  • batik for sashing and backing
  • batik hearts and 100% cotton yardage for background

Project Description

What are you most proud of? Each block is a sample of Jacquie's walking foot quilting designs.

Q&A with Ladymax

Jacquie Gering asked:
What a great way to practice the quilting techniques in the class!
Ladymax answered:
It was pure coincidence that when this course started I was working on this quill and had 5 blocks ready. Thanks for sharing. I do not find free motion quilting enjoyable, but this is great fun.
Barbara-san asked:
I couldn't tell from the picture, do you quilt through the applique?
Ladymax answered:
I did quilt through the appliqu, because I could not figure out how to do this particular quilting around them. It does not show in the picture, but is more apparent in person. The thread does seem to blend in (silver). Now I have tried it, the next time I will try patterns that are more appropriate to the blocks I produce.
QuiltDude asked:
Great practice piece! Lots of negative space for your stitches to show, and I like the offset hearts, it makes them more interesting than all of them being exactly uniformly in the center. :-) :-) :-) Jacquie's class is wonderful, isn't it? I am excited about putting letters on a quilt with her technique. I am sorry to hear you don't like to FMQ, because I love it, but at least Jacquie has given us (me) great ideas and inspiration to use our walking foot in new ways! Cheers, Ladymax!
Ladymax answered:
I really do prefer this type of quilting to FMQ. I have done several classes and have a local instructor who comes to my home. She is great, but the one thing that I learned is that FMQ is not fun for me. Yours is great and I got so that I was not bad, but no fun, no more FMQ. Like you I am looking forward to adding letters or words to a quilt. Enjoy your quilting time..
Very pretty. What size is each block on this project? Size of hearts?
Ladymax answered:
Thank you. The blocks started as 15" and after the quilting they were trimmed to 14 ".
AuntieBelle asked:
I love your quilting on this!.
Ladymax answered:
Many thanks. I think I have now found my type of quilting. This is so much fun.