Created by: Sherri Noel

Block of the Month Sampler Quilt

You Can Make This

Sherri Noel made Block of the Month Sampler Quilt with:

  • Quilting Cotton Scraps

Q&A with Sherri Noel

mofkelly asked:
when was this the block of the month, what year?
Sherri Noel answered:
Hi- this block of the month started in January 2013 but there are no set dates to it. Find out more on finishing it at Thanks :)
dido_1978 asked:
Hi there Sherri Noel, I would like to know if the pattern includes any detailed instructions and stitch techniques? I've been admiring your quilt for a couple of months now, it is on my wishlist. It truelly is so beautiful. Still I'm hesitating to spend 18 because I don't kow if I can do it. Some of the patterns look quite complicated, also I'm "metric" (and lazy) and like to work with templates rather than inch measurents. Any ideas? Have a nice day! Judith
Sherri Noel answered:
Hi Judith! I'm so sorry I'm just seeing this! I don't seem to get proper email notification on comments... This pattern is not metric so you would have some conversions to do. Some blocks use templates tho and one is improv, so those would be a breeze. Sorry for the super late response!