Block of the Month Block for September

What you will need

  • I used mostly scraps. The pattern on your website for this block is not correct size. As my block does not look the same as the one on the website.

Q&A with Brenda Cawlfie

Mesmerize asked:
I'm sure the problem with your block is in the printing of your templates. Check to make sure the printer is not set to scale the page.
Brenda Cawlfie answered:
I did not print them, I took a copy directly off the computer screen. I made sure that the scale was set at 100% so it would be right.
GramaBetty asked:
I really like your pattern, whatever happened to cause it!!!
Brenda Cawlfie answered:
Thank you
NanaJeanFL asked:
HI Brenda! Love how your block came out - its very pretty. As for the difference in the pattern... not all screens display the same size. My own screen can be enlarged and reduced at will using my keyboard which affects screen prints.. You might try printing the pattern and checking the test square for accuracy. It should measure exactly one inch by one inch. If it doesn't you need to adjust the printer settings. Regardless, I wouldn't change a thing unless you're unhappy with it. Its your quilt!
Brenda Cawlfie answered:
Thank you

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