Block 9

Q&A with Ann Rowley

desna asked:
This quilting is superb
Ann Rowley answered:
Thank you!
Alettal asked:
The quilting in this block is great!
Ann Rowley answered:
Thank you!
Surfside6 asked:
Nice mix of color, also
Ann Rowley answered:
Thanlk you!
WandaN asked:
I saw a picture of your block in the personal section of the Wall Street Journal, Jan 3. Congrats!
Ann Rowley answered:
Really! I'm in the UK so I'm unlikely to see it, but thanks for the info.
mcgahanm asked:
Absolutely beautiful! Are you using a long arm machine or a regular sewing machine?
Ann Rowley answered:
A regular sewing machine - a Pfaff CV - with the feed dogs lowered.

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