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Project Description

What are you most proud of? The fact that I managed to negotiate the paisley quilting without too much difficulty. It doesn't stand close scrutiny, but the more I did the better it got and the easier I found it. I didn't quilt over the fairy in the middle, and it came out quite "puffy" - almost like trapunto, which was a pleasant surprise. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Watch Leah's demonstration carefully at least a couple of times before embarking on your precious quilt and don't be in too much of a hurry to get on with it. Play for a while with a practice quilt sandwich first - every stitch you do is another step in the right direction (or at least, I hope it is!).

What you will need

  • Cotton fabric
  • polyester wadding
  • polyester thread.

Q&A with patz in suffolk

Yiya Cucuy asked:
Nice! I really like your paisley :)
patz in suffolk answered:
Thank you, Yiya! I haven't done anything like that before - I tried some flowers, but never paisley.
Joanly asked:
Beautiful FMQ! Love it!
patz in suffolk answered:
Thank you - it was easier than I expected it to be.
K Lee 2Strings asked:
Looks great! I haven't done the BOM, but I'm learning so much from this Leah Day's class. The quilt as you go method is very intriguing and I'll definitely try it on a larger quilt.
patz in suffolk answered:
I'm finding it so much easier to do each small block separately, especially as I'm learning all these new patterns. Leah's instructions are really clear and she has such a calm personality that I feel far less panic-stricken about FMQ!.
Mary F J asked:
Oh my. I've been dragging my feet about assembly and quilting. I wanted to do"quilt as you go" but couldn't find detailed instruction that I liked. Thanks for sharing.
patz in suffolk answered:
Leah Day gives instructions for quilt as you go in her tutorial. I think it uses more fabric than the usual way, but it'll be much easier to do. And it'll take longer to finish as well, but may we worth it.
Pamillia asked:
WOW! This is beautiful & very well done. Thank you for sharing.
patz in suffolk answered:
Thank you. I rather surprised myself with this one!

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