Black flowers and ladybug

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I enjoyed applique. What a lovely surprise gift to myself. I will definately use applique techniques again. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Just try something, even if you don't think it is "you." Have supportive and creative friends. It was my coworker's idea to bring in a touch of red with a ladybug. If the smallest dots are annoying and don't want to sit where you put them, just take a deep breath and use your iron. If they still won't do what you want, cut new ones and start again. They do NOT take long to sew on, so it isn't a waste of time to get them right. I pulled out my black and black/white polka dot scrap fabric and went to town. I played with the size of the dots for different parts of the pattern until I figured out what seemed to work best. The size and number of dots on the fabric made a difference depending on where I put them. Smaller dots receded more than big dots, so were better for the vase. I auditioned three fabrics for the largest flower, even sewing one on and taking it off because the fabric was too dull. It needed the boldest print. If cut applique bits disappear before being glued in place, it isn't you. It is the cat. It is always the cat.

What you will need

  • Cotton fabric

Q&A with Platypus

Venus de Hilo asked:
Absolutely adorable! What a fun interpretation. And yes, it is always the cat.
Platypus answered:
Thank you.
BoiseNoise asked:
I like it!
Platypus answered:
Thank you!
Chantal.C asked:
I love the way you did the background of your applique, these squares are a great idea, Very very nice, thank you for sharing
Platypus answered:
Thank you.
Sarah Fielke asked:
Fantastic, I love your pieced background, well done :)
Platypus answered:
Thank you! I enjoyed the pattern!
lrmyr18 asked:
Very nice! It's nice to challenge yourself sometimes and be pleased with the results. ;-)
Platypus answered:
Thank you!

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