Big Quilt on Small Machine

Project Description

What was your inspiration? I wanted an over design that would do two things. One goals was to use a pattern that would soften the angles. Secondly, a pattern where I could practice traveling over stitches. It was hard to consistently travel on top of existing stitches with my choice of thread and my inexperience with the Baptist fan pattern. It was also challenging to maintain the same scale.

What you will need

  • Cotton fabric
  • Hobbs 80/20 fusible batting
  • essential cotton thread for quilting

Q&A with Dena_Living Water Quilter

Ann Petersen asked:
Lovely quilt and I think your choice of pattern does exactly what your wished in softening the angles. This quilting gives the quilt lots of swirly motion and the piecing is busy enough than any mistakes are certainly not noticeable! Excellent job, thanks for sharing!
Dena_Living Water Quilter answered:
Hi Ann, Great, I am glad the pattern choice was a good one. Thanks for the encouragement!
Remy2014 asked:
Very nice!
Dena_Living Water Quilter answered:
Thank you! If I would only take time to bind it! :-)
Joke Lady asked:
Wonderful. I'm trying to figure out how you pieced the fabric to have curved strips. I hope your nephew is old enough to appreciate what you have done here.
Dena_Living Water Quilter answered:
Thank you. I use Creative Grids, Straight out of line ruler, designed by Karla Alexander. My first attempt at using the ruler went all wrong, because I did NOT carefully follow the instructions! lol I hope he does too. He is in his mid twenties.
Sharonrenee asked:
You are very talented quilter I am trying to get this FMQ, practice, practice
Dena_Living Water Quilter answered:
So kind of you to say. Yes, It has been years of practice. :-) There is so much to learn. I'm learning a lot from Craftsy.
Gemma Potts asked:
Very nice!
Dena_Living Water Quilter answered:
thanks !!