Beyond The Block

Project Description

What was your inspiration? This is the result of the exploration for Beyond the Block. It started as a sketch, then as I was piecing part of it, it evolved into something else, then something else again and this is what it ended up as. I had the 3 knife? shapes and was playing with putting a small strip of something between them...nope...then i was going to mirror it on the right but in reverse..color as the ground and white shapes. When working with scraps..improv is the name of the game haha. So. seeing as I ran out of one of the fabrics I left it as is, put the soft grey on one side and stared at it a while...it reminded me of a road sign and The Road Home was born.

Q&A with Minena

piedmont asked:
I like it. Have you figured out how to piece it?
Minena answered:
it's all pieced..now for quilting, which I am a little rusty at since I had been doing larger quilts which I sent out to get quilted. It will give me a chance to play with my new freehand foot for my machine.
Othlon asked:
i love the use of the quarter circles, and it does look like a road sign! In a good way of course :P
Minena answered:
I dug out my Drunkards Path templates for the curves :)
Shiksa Wife asked:
Is it pieced or appliqued?
Minena answered:
jillp asked:
This looks like boats/canoes to me...docked, ready to race, crossing the line...:) What a great design.
Minena answered:
Ya know, it does look like canoes! Hmm..will have to really think on a quilting design to maybe bring that out more.