Beyond Basic Machine Quilting

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Beyond Basic Machine Quilting

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Beyond Basic Machine Quilting

with Ann Petersen

Q&A with Chefitelli

moniek asked:
Chefitelli answered:
Thanks moniek. I really enjoyed making this and feel much more confident now.
QuiltDude asked:
Great job! I have gone through the same course - twice - and still haven't worked up the courage to start the project. Your block looks wonderful. I like that you used different colored thread, it makes all the elements that much more vivid. I am a little jealous. :-)
Chefitelli answered:
Thanks QuiltDude! I just made myself do it and did not worry about whether it would turn out or not becasue I just said to myslef that it was only a practice piece and did not use much fabric. In the end I was actually really pleased with how it turned out and I was glad I took the plunge!
RosemarieW asked:
Fabulous stitching! I am not brave enough for this yet!
Chefitelli answered:
Tahnks RosemarieW! I decided to just go for it and make the project, since it was not much fabric to waste if it went wrong. Anne's instructions were so good and since the class is broken down into nice managable sized chunks it was easy to just do one lesson each day and see results quickly. That was until I got to the borders and fill , which took a bit longer!!

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