Beetle Car Mug Rug

Project Description

What are you most proud of? This is a great mug rug to make as a gift for a newly qualified driver. You can even add initials to the number plate. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Think 1960, think flower power, think rock-and-roll, think any combination or celebration you like - but most of all think FUN!

Q&A with The Patchsmith

Nanette 2 asked:
I had a 1968 Beetle. Loved it! It was like driving a big toy. Kids would wave at me. They thought it was Herbie. This pattern brings back many pleasant memories.
The Patchsmith answered:
If nothing else, life should be fun and nothing says 'fun' more than a Beetle.
Lisa Gardner asked:
Love this, I used to have a beetle! a green one!
The Patchsmith answered:
I don't know why there are so many grey and black cars around - what is wrong with green, pink, purple and turquoise?
tessy rig asked:
yr work is nice cute and easy thanks for sharing with us yr good I like them all but this one with the beetle car is one of my favs hugs keep up good work yw
The Patchsmith answered:
I saw a beetle car just the other day with 'daisy' wheel hubs. It just screams 'fun'.
judith2fo1760053 asked:
Your patterns are amazing!! I love all of them
The Patchsmith answered:
Have woken up to this message Judith - thank you for such a lovely start to my day.