Bear Cub

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I had enough of different shades of gray fabric to show the light and shadow effect of the fur.

Q&A with soma1773

patz in suffolk asked:
Beautiful! We don't have bears here in England, and this is just so lovely! You've really made a wonderful use of your fabrics, both on the fur and on the background - they are absolutely perfect. Love it!
soma1773 answered:
I feel so lucky to have seen bears in their natural habitat. Right shades of gray fabrics are so hard to come by, so I always pick up some up when I see them. Thank you so much!
Renna Stevens asked:
I live in the Adirondack mountains in ny and we had a bear that use to drink out of our pool after he went to the neighbors to raid there shed. Our pool was there drink on his way back into the woods. love the pattern
soma1773 answered:
Thank you! Adirondack mountains are so beautiful. Smart bear to find a food and a water source side by side :)

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