Bargello with Twist

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I made the basic pattern with 16 blocks but when I make this again, I can twist the blocks for a different pattern. This block seems to be quite versatile. What advice would you give someone starting this project? I didn't spend enough time choosing the fabrics so that the pattern would show better movement. This is an easy block but arranging them has endless possibilities.

Q&A with Arlene C

Karena asked:
Hi Arlene, I watched that Sewing with Nancy recently as well. It was fascinating to watch the many possibilities with one block. Beautiful job on the Bargello with a Twist. I enjoy seeing your work. I'm still working on my Chain Saw! I need to take some time off so I can finish it. I made a cutting error on one block (got sidetracked) and it was backwards, so I made a new block. :-)
Arlene C answered:
Thank you. Now that I know the basics of this block I feel confident in making a larger quilt and look forward to choosing different fabrics. I'll be looking forward to your chain saw when it is complete. I enjoyed doing the chain saw and learned about contrasts to make the chain saw pop.
MsQuilty asked:
oh how pretty! you did a great job :))
Arlene C answered:
Thank you!!!
GmaMK asked:
Lovely quilt! You did a beautiful job!
Arlene C answered:
Thank you. I will make this block again because it can be so versatile and is a lot of fun.