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Created by: Becky Botello

Bargello Quilt Top

You Can Make This

Becky Botello made Bargello Quilt Top with:

  • cotton fabrics

Q&A with Becky Botello

hobbyhorse asked:
Since I am a fairly new quilter, and I always have people asking me how much I would sell a quilt for, I am curious how you base your selling price? I have checked out your posts for sale, and am wondering how you can sell so cheaply? Is your price just for the top, and the buyer would finish it? I hate to undersell myself, so would appreciate any feedback, thanks
Becky Botello answered:
Hi , I am one that is at loss for pricing myself. Yes it's for the top only I do not sell completed quilts. As for fabrics I have never bought at price , I am always hunting on Ebay or other sites for bargain prices on fabric since my tops only require about 1/4 yard to 1/2 of a particular fabric it's slightly easier to hunt for fabric at great prices. I honestly do believe my tops are worth more but I think I am scared no one will buy my tops . The price on Ebay is only the starting price and I hope and pray they go up more.I read somewhere you should price you quilts at the time and material you put into your quilt., like pay yourself an hourly salary. One time I had a co-worker ask me for a quilt she wanted to give a friend (full size) and I quoted her $200 for a complete quilt. She turned around and told me I was ridiculous and no one would pay that much. She came to work the next day and told me she got one for $30 at some discount store , I tried to tell her it not the same but oh well . Well I hope this helped a little. . asked:
Becky Botello answered:
Hi, I do not use EQ7 , I do have patterns on Etsy , my shop's name is Lilbeckscorner. If you want this one I do not have in pattern form but I do have the grid , if you email me at I will email it to you if you like.
CarolynWainscot asked:
love your quilts, haven't finished the Bargello I started a few years ago. was just reading the comments below on pricing-especially the one about you charging only $200 for a full size quilt-that person must not live in the real world or do any handwork-your quilts are a piece of art-don't under sell yourself. You should be charging at least 3 times that much. If they want to buy imported goods that have "toenail" catching stitches with poor quality work-they will have to do that.
Becky Botello answered:
Thank you very much. When she told me I was ridiculous , it pretty much hurt , I was honestly trying to give her a good deal since she was a friend , or at least thought so. It's just sad that some people do not know the difference between imported and handmade.