Bargello Quilt Top 72" x 53"

What you will need

  • Cotton Fabrics

Q&A with Becky Botello

Cassie_baby asked:
So beautiful. A true labor of love. How to you plan to quilt it?
Becky Botello answered:
that the only thing I do not quilt them , i sell the tops , one fine day I will have a long arm
amiswish asked:
I have this quilt pattern and have been told it is easy to do. But I guess that the thought of all those little squares just scare me to death lol. Beautiful job. Gives me hope that one day I will tackle it too.
Becky Botello answered:
you should not be scared of the little squares , bargellos are made by strip piecing
duplantisquilts asked:
Very pretty bargello design. I have been wanting to make one. One fine day I will.
Becky Botello answered:
ohhh you should , they are as hard as they look
Love of Quilts asked:
how much do you sell them for? I'd love to quilt one
Becky Botello answered:
I have this one listed on Ebay right now , about to end . I always have new ones up weekly stores.ebay.com/Lil-Becks-Corner