Created by: Becky Botello

Bargello Quilt Top 67" x 70"

You Can Make This

Becky Botello made Bargello Quilt Top 67" x 70" with:

  • cotton fabrics

Q&A with Becky Botello

Pat Sloan asked:
wow a lot of work! did you like doing this pattern?
Becky Botello answered:
I love doing all bargellos :)
steelelady asked:
pretty color combo, nicely done!
Becky Botello answered:
Thank you
Mazy asked:
someday I will try a bargello, this one is beautiful. You must have this process down, as I have looked at so many of your beautiful quilts!
Becky Botello answered:
Thanks so much , yeah it now comes easy to me, i just love how different they can all look
quiltsalot64 asked:
wow and double wow!
Becky Botello answered:
Thanks =]