Created by: Becky Botello

Bargello Quilt Top 56" x 76"

You Can Make This

Becky Botello made Bargello Quilt Top 56" x 76" with:

  • cotton fabrics

Q&A with Becky Botello

Tana Doss asked:
Hope you laugh when you read this! I was showing my young man son your quilts and he says, "Hope you don't ever do anything like that. You will have a heart attack before you finish!" We both agreed that you do AMAZING work :)
Becky Botello answered:
Lol thats funny . Reminds me , I think about 6 years ago I use to admire Bargello Quilts online. My children would ask me if I could make that , I would ohhh no , never ..I thought they looked insane to make. Go figure no I design them =) . Have you ever tried one? they are not as hard as they look . Best of luck and many thanks, Becky

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