Bandana Quilt

Project Description

What are you most proud of? How well it was received! What advice would you give someone starting this project? You can make a quilt out of just about anything - so the sky is the limit!

What you will need

  • Old bandanas
  • fleece (for the back)
  • batting

Q&A with Deena

na4life1610490223 asked:
How can I find out how to make a quilt just like this? This is exactly what I want to do. I have al the stuff to do it. Just did not think of puting something in between each bandana. This is something I have been wanting to do for like 12 yrs. My husband passed away and I have all his bandana and want to make a quilt. Even bought a sewing machine lol. Please help me. I would even pay someone to do it. I love the way this one looks.
Deena answered:
you take some fabric and cut it into strips - say 2 1/2 inches - then you sew that to your bandana - one to each side - (left and right) then sew another bandana to the one and sew a strip to the other side of the bandana until you have a row (maybe 3 or 4 across - depending on how large you want it). Next do this for as many rows a you want. once the rows are completed, sew a strip across the top of the first row and across the bottom of the row. Next you will sew the next row to the bottom of the first row and continue - just like you did when you made a row. [for this particular quilt - I did not sew the strips on the outside - but it makes a better looking quilt if you do]. Once you have them all sewn together you top is them pieced. To quilt it - you will need a back - I used several pieces sewn together to make the back. You will also need some batting to go in between. Depending on the size you are making it, you can purchase batting in the bag by the size.
Deena asked:
You will need to lay your pieces out - depending on how you want to quilt it. On this quilt I used the "envelope method" . It eliminates having to bind the quilt . You place your quilt back down with the "right side facing up. then place your pieced top on top of the back "right side facing down" [so the two pieces - back and pieced top are facing each other "right sides"] then place your batting on top. Pin it all the way around the edges, keep it tight across. then sew all the way around the edge - leaving a little opening (~ 8 inches) on one side to turn. Once it is sewn. then turn it out (like a pillow case). smooth it out (or iron it). and then pin it down and then quilt it, beginning at the center and work your way to the edges. Once you are done quilting it, you sew the opening closed and you may want to top stitch along the edge of the quilt. You are finished. You may want to add a tag to the back with your name and date completed.
Deena answered:
I hope this help you. Good luck and I hope you get years of use and memories from your quilt.