Baby quilt - hearts w/ white fleece back

Project Description

What are you most proud of? How cute it is. What advice would you give someone starting this project? If you see some material you'd like to make a quilt from, buy it and save it in your "stash" and one day you will have a need, then you will be able to make it without having to run to the store!

What you will need

  • White fleece for the back
  • cotton materials
  • heavy loft batting
  • thread
  • sewing supplies
  • & tools.

Q&A with Deena

JMyers96 asked:
Did you machine stitch quilt or hand stitch? I am new to this and about to try my first baby quilt - I really like the simple x stitch you did - seems easy. Was it? It's really lovely.
Deena answered:
I machine quilted it - and yes it is pretty easy to do. Thanks for the comment
AnnieMae asked:
It's very sweet!!
Deena answered:
NiceThreads asked:
I keep stopping at all your quilts. They're so nice.
Deena answered:
thanks so much!
sarma asked:
what size are the heart squares, it is not listed in your instructions, also what size are the 3 borders? Am I at the right place for the instructions, seems as these are not listed?
Deena answered:
OK- I do not see where I have the exact dimensions, but usually I use 6 " squares - the borders are probably 4 " for the inner - 3 " for the middle on and 6 " for the outer border...the best to my recollectoin - sorry if I did not get them exact - but it really doesn't matter- you can make them any size you want. Just bw sure to use the same seam allowance - 1/4" or 1/2" - that will make the difference in the outcome of the size. I hope this helps.
Debbie...C asked:
Just love all the heart shapes ... Very very nice !!!
Deena answered:
thanks I liked it too.