What you will need

  • colorful
  • child friendly fabrics

Q&A with bearsmom

Surfside6 asked:
This is both sides. Lucky baby!
bearsmom answered:
Thank you. Glad you like it. It helped me use up the extra fabric.
Pam Sews asked:
did you take that Craftsy course on creative quilt backings? I really like what you did. Please let even more people enjoy it if they could just see the quilt front when they are scrolling the Projects page - perhaps you could edit and select the front as the "main" photo? Then they could admire the back, too! Lucky baby!
bearsmom answered:
Pam, I am so glad you like it. I will try your suggestion and change the front of the quilt to be the main photo. Thanks.
MJ C asked:
This is so very cute...owls and it!
bearsmom answered:
Thank you so much. It was made for a sweet baby girl named Sofia.