Aysemmetry 1

What you will need

  • 100% commercial cotton fabric for quilt top and backing; 80/20 batting; Madeira Rayon (40) top thread; Superior Masterpiece bottom thread

Q&A with laura.mul152565

pinmoneyperhaps asked:
I like the patterened stripes
laura.mul152565 answered:
Thank you.
eepsers asked:
Cool! I like your accent color choices. AND they are not anything I would have chosen to use in a quilt before this class! I see now how the more shaded big area of blue balances these small pops of color.
laura.mul152565 answered:
Thank you. When I was making this I found the real "Pop" came when I added the black/white stripes.
Lynngo asked:
Love the color contrast and simple design, very modern and soothing
laura.mul152565 answered:
Thank you. I'd never thought of it as soothing before but I do enjoy looking at it. Although I no longer own it so have to look at photo!!