Art quilt Background (work in progress)

What you will need

  • Cotton fabrics from my scarps.

Q&A with Eve Dembowski

Judith Trager asked:
Why don't you try hanging it on your design wall rotated 90 degrees. You might see wonderful reasons for finishing this quilt. You have something very interesting going on here. Don't stop.
Eve Dembowski answered:
I certainly will not stop...I am loving the creative thrill of "seeing" what it will become. I will keep you posted.
Judith Trager asked:
Eve, do you know about Studio Art Quilt Associates? Please go to their website, www.saqa.com and find out more about us. You would be in happy company! Judith
Eve Dembowski answered:
Thank you for that, I will check it out. I just went to the Quilt convention here in Melbourne and saw some amazing quilts. Very inspiring.