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kaydavis2619894 made Art Deco faces with:

Thread Art

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Thread Art

with Lola Jenkins

  • muslin
  • colored pencils
  • thread

Q&A with kaydavis2619894

Deb Cavanaugh asked:
My mouth dropped open when I saw your art. Awesome, just awesome.
kaydavis2619894 answered:
Thanks for your kind words. It made my day!
Lola Jenkins asked:
This is so beautiful that I cannot find the words to describe it. Fantastic is not strong enough for sure.
kaydavis2619894 answered:
Thanks Lola. I'm so glad you like it; you're a great teacher and your playful personality makes the video a really fun class.
4bird2 asked:
The design is awesome, colors fabulous, I love your piece.
kaydavis2619894 answered:
Thanks so much. It was a fun project

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