Created by: Karen Fyfe

Argyle Quilt

Q&A with Karen Fyfe

K Lee 2Strings asked:
So sweet!
Karen Fyfe answered:
Thank you - I'm very pleased with how this turned out!
QuiltDude asked:
Argyle! Another neat idea for a quilt. Very nice.
Karen Fyfe answered:
Thank you...I love argyle (I'm a kiltmaker) - plaids make me happy!
MJ C asked:
This is adorable. I am planning on making a baby quilt this spring and would love to find this pattern.
Karen Fyfe answered:
Thank you, I think it turned out cute too! I wish I could help with a pattern but I didn't use one...just saw a picture of the argyle idea, and added the giraffe.
Shiksa Wife asked:
Did you piece the criss-cross lines or piece them?
Karen Fyfe answered:
Everything on the quilt is appliqud after the fact (nothing pieced)...the criss cross lines are actually twill tape. Totally a 'cheater' quilt!

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