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Project Description

What was your inspiration? The inspiration for the sun block was Vermont in summer, and for the flowers block was my friend's garden.

What you will need

Q&A with rmaguire@sover.net

quiltsandhearts asked:
Wow, green as a background!
rmaguire@sover.net answered:
My background color is actually white, but I have varied it a lot, depending on whim.
Surfside6 asked:
I'll try again to comment. 3rd time never fails, right? Love your concept. Have to search my stash for a piece of seashore to try a block, My background color won't go with it at all, but I hope I can come up with something. This is just smashing!
rmaguire@sover.net answered:
Thank you.
Surfside6 asked:
Ok, that went thru. Let's try again. I love the yellow and white fabric you used to take your picture of the block. Is that part of the quilt, your ironing board cover, or what? See, I notice everything when it comes to fabric
rmaguire@sover.net answered:
That is a sheet covering the quilt I have on my hand-quilting frame. My mom gave me 2 like this---this yellow one and a pink one---several years ago. I, too, love the fabric.
Surfside6 asked:
I noticed you took the sewing machine 911 course. Did you find it helpful? I know it's free.....just curious. I have a couple of different brand machines that sometimes give me fits with bobbin and tension issues
rmaguire@sover.net answered:
It was very helpful, Lots of it is elementary stuff for new users, but the sections on troubleshooting (I didn't watch it all, just printed out the course materials for that part) and cleaning were great.

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