April BOM

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I got it done!!!!! I have been working on a hexi quilt for years and I will be lucky to get it done by the time I die... but these go together pretty quick! What advice would you give someone starting this project? As always.... HAVE FUN! I worked as I watched TV.

What you will need

  • Teal background fabrics and assorted B&W accent fabrics

Q&A with Sew pieceful

ndlz1 asked:
Sew pieceful answered:
Thanks! I am really enjoying this block of the month!
AlyxRansom asked:
Wow -- you can really see this starting to come together as a unified piece. Looks great!
Sew pieceful answered:
Thank you! Each time I finish a block, I look forward to the next one. I was worried when I started that such diverse techniques would not come together as unified, but I love what I have so far!
Temaw asked:
Wow! I love the way the whole concept is so cohesive........It's beautiful and I would never think of using those colors but you have changed my mind! Really nice! High five!
Sew pieceful answered:
Thanks! I had the blue in my stash for a while and it seemed like my black and white stash was calling for me to use it this project too!
ChaleensDesigns asked:
I love the colors you have picked out, they look fabulous together.
Sew pieceful answered:
Thanks! I went to my stash... I have a plain blue that coordinated also, but I hope my figured blue holds out through all the blocks then I can use the plain for setting.
Gramglo2 asked:
The blue and gray combination was genious. What a beautiful quilt you will have.
Sew pieceful answered:
Thanks! the genius was in my stash... I wonder if I can use that as an excuse for my husband... I have to have fabulous fabrics in my stash so I am ready for fabulous projects! :-P

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