Ana's Hearts

Project Description

What was your inspiration? This bag is inspired and dedicated to Ana who passed away during a surgery due to heart failure. I came across Anas fabric stash when I responded to a craigslist ad. The process became personal as I heard Anas story. Knowing a bit more about her gave each piece of fabric a personal meaning. I came home and next thing I know I am putting these hearts together. I hope they serve to keep Anas love for sewing alive.

What you will need

  • Denim

Q&A with Papo Correa

Carol Ann Waugh asked:
What a wonderful way to honor a fellow sewer. Thanks for sharing this and I love what you have created.
Papo Correa answered:
Thank you! I just think it's important not to forget. ;) I have loved your class. It keeps inspiring me to create. Thank you for that.
cari2rcky asked:
That is so inspiring. What an honor to Ana. Beautiful work.
Papo Correa answered:
Thank you!
sandracan785686 asked:
Too Beautiful!!.. I make Jean Bags too. I just joined Carol Stitch & Slash.. This is a new exciting world to me. I'm going to give it a go & try put something beautiful on my bags too.
Papo Correa answered:
Thank you for your compliments Sandra. Youll love Carols class I am sure. Its very inspiring.

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