American Flag

Project Description

What are you most proud of? Have made many flags, and have given them all away. (Surprised to walk into someone's house and to see the display of the flag, and then realize 'Hey, I made that! :-) )BUT this one is a 'Keeper'. And I am NOT done yet! :-) I am making one more, even Better - and that one will be going to my oldest son, who served 29 years in the US Marine Corp, and is currently doing his same job for the Military, but as a Civilian. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Have patience - as a Seam Ripper was 'joined at my hip' during this process. But I LOVED what I was making and therefore didn't mind all the re-doing. ie. had 36 stars in place before I realized that I had too many rows - and had to remove 26 that were previously sewn down. Also once I had all 50 sewn down, there were a few that I moved over just a bit. And for the stripes - there were 32 seams that I wanted lined up PERFECTLY so there were quite a few 'rip outs' there. What I FINALLY did was to loosely sew at each connecting seam, check it out, rip out if need be, re-sew until I got it right, then sewed the whole seam. LOTS and LOTS of FUN to make - and SOOOO worthwhile. :-)

What you will need

  • Simple Curves Ruler by Phillips Fiber Art - and an Embroidery Machine AND NO

Q&A with SandiePink

K Lee 2Strings asked:
This is by far the prettiest pieced flag I've ever seen! Love the curved seams and the subtle variety of fabrics you've used to create shaded areas in the ripples. Simply gorgeous!
SandiePink answered:
Thank you 2Strings. I am ALSO pretty pleased with it! :-) :-) (Not many times you get to do a quilt over, and over, and over :-) - so it SHOULD be right! :-)
Darns asked:
This is fabulous!! Does your seam ripper need to be surgically removed from your hand? LOL! What a big job to get those stars exactly where you wanted them!
SandiePink answered:
Thanks Darns. I haven't been posting much lately BUT I have been following you and what you do. You are really becomming an EXPERT in your FM Quilting. Am VERY Proud of you!!! Me I have to stick with the 'walking foot' and 'stitch-in-the-ditch' or else I would be at the Chiropractor EVERY day! :-) But I LOVE doing what I am able to do.
BeverlyLynn asked:
I love this and would love to make it. Can't embroider the stars though! :(
SandiePink answered:
I think you can BUY embroidered stars in the craft section of most stores. :-)