African Family

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I'm most proud of the fact that I pushed past the fear and did it. I let the needle down and started stitching. Once I committed I had to keep going, ignoring the mistakes, because I was using polyester invisible thread and there was no starting over, no squinting the eyes trying to rip out invisible thread. I didn't know what to do about the puckering, but I kept going.

What you will need

  • Panel fabric
  • sewing machine
  • and thread

Q&A with the_shulammite

flyinggeese asked:
you did a beautiful job with it
the_shulammite answered:
thanks a lot!
Lola Jenkins asked:
Beautiful, absolutely beautiful. Where did you get that fabric panel? You did a fantastic job with the quilting also. Looks like a pro did it to me.
the_shulammite answered:
gosh thanks. i'm really blushing now. i've had the panel for years and can't recall for the life of me where I picked it up. probably from some vendor at a street festival. special thanks to the instructor for giving me the go ahead to use a panel just so i could get a feel for the courage she was trying to inspire. great teacher!
Rosaire asked:
beautiful and meaningful work, congratulations.
the_shulammite answered:
CoffeeandCotton asked:
Such beauty. I love it
the_shulammite answered:
thanks. i feel encouraged.

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