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What are you most proud of? I almost 'ESS'd' it... Couldn't quite bring myself to sew every 'stinking' seam, but it certainly looks 'tidy' now that I have done this. I was going to put a complicated floral quilting design over the top but once I had finished ESS'ing I felt it was enough... I did make this quilt for myself and I am very pleased with how it has turned out. What advice would you give someone starting this project? No advice - just follow your heart (and a few important tips from your Craftsy instructor of course) and i'm sure you'll make something that will be a reflection of you too...

Q&A with quilt-a-lot

rmaguire@sover.net asked:
Lovely quilt. what is "ESS"?
quilt-a-lot answered:
Hi. In Cindy's Craftsy class she encourages us to ditch stitch in 'Every Stinking Seam' (her words) before we free motion quilt. I tried it - a lot of work - but it makes the quilt sit much better. I decided not to free motion it as I felt the ESS was enough...
Wazoo Sue asked:
Great quilt. I love Kate Spain fabric, too. Very happy collections. I totally agree about the ESS. I am a longarm quilter, and when I finish the ESS on a quilt, I do a little happy dance and then start the custom work. Makes a quilt that much nicer.
quilt-a-lot answered:
LOL -I did the happy-dance too after the ESS then stopped quilting it :) I just need a little more courage - i'm concerned i'll wreck the quilt if i keep going.
Meredith K asked:
T his is beautiful! congrats! It's so serene & lovely! I would love to make this, where did you get the pattern from? & did you strip piece all of the 4patches & sashing/ setting squares? You've inspired me to make something for myself (hah once I finish the 4 gifted quilts that I'm bouncing between currently)!
quilt-a-lot answered:
Thank you - it is as important to do something for yourself as it is to make a quilt as a gift - I just have to wait for winter now so i can use it! As for the pattern, i saw it in a magazine a while ago - it is a four patch with the white rectangles vertically on the side joining them together. The horizontal sashing is the same white rectangle with a setting square - super easy to make (i've made two of them) and they use a jelly roll of colour/print and almost 1 jelly roll of solid white. Hope this helps.
Pamillia asked:
Your quilt is wonderful. It is nice & crisp & sunny. WOW! you really did a great job of stitching in the ditch. Very well done. Thank you so very much for sharing.
quilt-a-lot answered:
Thanks - it is amaising how practice improves your work. I'm hoping to settle down tonight and ditch-stitch another one which is for my aunt - i've been thinking about it all day. (sad really but fun!)