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A little car sick.

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Craftsy Block of the Month 2013

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Q&A with Odd Cat Stitch

Pam NZ asked:
Holy toledo Odd Cat, you really have thrown caution to the wind with this block LOL! Oh boy those stripes really do funny things to the eyes but then the blues just bounce out at you too! Very wild... very daring... you go girl!
Odd Cat Stitch answered:
LOL I know, I just went mad! I have to make new ones, I can't look at these for too long or I really do start to feel sick LOL
artbythebay asked:
Mine is the one after yours... I am totally out of my box on this too-- yours makes mine look positively sedate!
Odd Cat Stitch answered:
No, I'm remaking them, they are just too insane for me and I really do get physically ill when I look at them for too long lol :)
Onthrvr asked:
I thought I was too risky. I'm tame compared to this.
Odd Cat Stitch answered:
LOL! Thank you... I thnk :D
Pam NZ asked:
NO NO NO Wild Cat ooops I mean Odd Cat LOL, don't remake them... look at them in the context of the full quilt... they will calm down a bit in the full picture. At least hold off until you're a few more months down the track and can see how they're going to fit in to the full picture please! Just put them away out of sight for a bit so you stop feeling car sick LOL. Another idea... also later on... redo one a little differently for the centre block? Or calm down the outside 2 and keep a wild one for the centre but don't lose them altogether... they were a brave wild move for you, and deserve to be honoured as such!
Odd Cat Stitch answered:
Wild Cat, I wish! Well when I could stomach it (literally) last night I took the time to re-examine the blocks and came up with something a bit different and fun. These blocks are going to have to be dismantled, their power for inducing motion sickness is too great :)

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