9 block bom

Project Description

What advice would you give someone starting this project? my advice to anyone is just give it a go, if you have a basic knowledge of sewing you are halfway there. The rest is just practice.

Q&A with Caraline2

Candace in Fl asked:
Very pretty. Love the fussy cut in the middle and the smaller chain block. Your sashing is very precise too, I think it's going to be gorgeous when it's quilted.
Caraline2 answered:
thanks, I used the smaller chain block from all the bits from the main quilt so no cutting, just using up the scraps.
patz in suffolk asked:
It's very nice and bright and cheerful with the sashing you've chosen. Well done!
Caraline2 answered:
thanks, I picked up four pieces of fabric, and that was the only one that worked, as it had pink, purple white and teal in it.
Pam NZ asked:
These blocks look great together in a smaller quilt, love your sashing. Well done!
Caraline2 answered:
thanks Pam. pretty pleased myself. now to the quilting and the swear box
Damsel asked:
Nice job! Love your colors!
Caraline2 answered:
thanks, three blocks quilted, so getting there