5 sided wonky log cabin

Q&A with smittenkitten

Merrypal asked:
I like this very much.
smittenkitten answered:
Thank you so much! It was fun!
Amelianne asked:
This is great!
smittenkitten answered:
Thank you.....this is great fun!
JLMoore asked:
Wonky and fun. Really sweet.
smittenkitten answered:
Thanks! I'm having a ball with this class!
ndlz1 asked:
I had a problem of when to stop! When I sqr'd up my block, I had so much cut off. I'll use up the scraps for some other wonky project I'm sure.
smittenkitten answered:
I also had a lot of cut off. No worries...like you said it will get used later!
kmc75 asked:
Very Cute! It was a fun block, wasn't it?
smittenkitten answered:
Thanks...yes it was a blast!