5 L-Block Quilt Tops

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What was your inspiration? For my charity quilts, I like to keep designs simple enough to be made fairly quickly, yet I feel a need for creativity, so I play a lot on my computer software with very simple blocks I can change and rearrange for interesting designs. Here are just a few of those I've done with a simple L-block.

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Q&A with AllThatPatchwor

K Lee 2Strings asked:
Wonderfully versatile block. I can't believe how many different layouts you've created! This is an idea I'll definitely copy.
AllThatPatchwor answered:
And this is just the beginning. I have at least half a dozen more I've designed on computer that look very different and that I'm really excited to try. But I have to get many other projects done first.
mary ann asked:
I love this quilt pattern! I am new to crafty and I do quilt. But I am.a pattern follower. Lol. I am not anywhere near designing quilts on my computer. Eeekkk! I have many charm packs and Ilove the quilt with all the white. Could you please let me know a pattern for this? Also of I use a 5 inch square what would I cut my rectangles. Sorry to sound so stupid. Hope to hear from you.
AllThatPatchwor answered:
No need to be apologetic about it. Different people's minds work in different ways. Math has always come easy for me (but Lord help me if I need to learn something highly dependent upon memory.)
Mellie67 asked:
I love this layout of the L-block. What size squares did you start with? Are the sashings 2.5 inches wide?
AllThatPatchwor answered:
All of these quilt tops have already been donated, so I can't measure. But I know that the charity wanted finished quilts to be about 60 by 80 inches; sometimes I'd make them up to 62 x 82. On the green and blue quilt there appear to be nine blocks across plus two borders each about the same width, so that means each finished block must have been about 5.5 inches. I'd venture a guess that I started with 5 inch squares to finish to 4.5 inches and used 1.5 inch strips to finish to 1 inch on two sides of each square. The first border was likely cut 2 inches in width to finish to 1.5 and the outer border cut 4 inches to finish to 3.5 inches. Some of the other quilts have different proportions, though. It appears that the second and the last quilt has the finished square about two-thirds the width of the block, so I likely started with an unfinished square of 6.5 inches and used 3.5 inch width unfinished width strips, since there are only six blocks across the quilts.

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