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3 Yard Ice Dyeing Projects

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handdand03 made 3 Yard Ice Dyeing Projects with:

The Art of Cloth Dyeing

Online Class

The Art of Cloth Dyeing

with Jane Dunnewold

  • Kona cotton
  • three one-yard pieces each dyed separately

Q&A with handdand03

pyromarqu3462096 asked:
What kind of ice did you use? Crushed or ice cubes?
handdand03 answered:
I used both crushed and ice cubes. I prefer the results that way. :)
pyromarqu3462096 asked:
Do you find the colors seem to turn out more muted w/ snow/ice dyeing? I love the layers that appear w/ snow dyeing.
handdand03 answered:
Yes, so I sometimes use more dye, Then I thought I was wasting too much dye, so I tried putting some cotton and bamboo socks underneath to help catch the drips. I got some interesting socks out of that.

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