21st Birthday Memory Quilt

Project Description

What are you most proud of? Working with a minimum brief - I was emailed some photos, told the colour scheme for the birthday bash would be black, white, silver and purple and the size reqired was a little bigger than lap size. The rest was up to me. Exciting and terrifying! To add to this I broke my wrist during the planning stages but it was too near the deadline to pull out and leave my client in the lurch. So onward I soldiered!! I didn't want to compromise the design either. I felt my client deserved the best I could give her for such an important event. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Start earlier so if you run into unforseen trouble you have time to deal with it with grace!!!!!

What you will need

  • Cotton fabric
  • printer freindly fabric
  • polyester batting

Q&A with Sew Well Maide

Katfey asked:
A wonderful design and fabulous quilt! Did you to the photo transfer work yourself? Tell me about your experience please.
Sew Well Maide answered:
Thanks for your praise. It always cheers me!! Yes I did do the photo transfer to fabric myself. The process of printing onto the fabric through your printer is not thqt difficult with the correct fabric. The computer side of things is a little more fiddly but not too bad. I have decided to write a blog tutorial about it in the couple of weeks and will list the 'notice' (tute button) in Craftsy as a new project when I have done it. Cheers, Karen
desna asked:
This is wonderful Karen and poor you having to continue on with a broken wrist but this quilt is so worth all the stress. It is beautiful.
Sew Well Maide answered:
Thanks Desna. Plaster came off today but mor wrist is still sooo sore. Still off work but soldiering on with sewing :( xx. Karen
4bird2 asked:
Gorgeeous and so meaningful. Did you print the photos on a fabric and then encorporate them into the quilt? This is soooooooo my style. I love it.
Sew Well Maide answered:
Thanks sew much for your kind words of praise. Yes I did print the photos onto a fabric first. I will be writing a tutorial on how to do this shortly. Cheers, Karen
4bird2 asked:
There should be a "LOVE" button.
Sew Well Maide answered:
In the 'reply to comments' section too!!!