2103 BOM March

What you will need

  • Benartex Tulip Festival by Jackie Robinson

Q&A with Purple Cat

BittyGirl asked:
OOoooo, I love this block! I love your choice of fabrics! Beautiful!
Purple Cat answered:
Thank you.
Ruth Hurley asked:
Gorgeous--love the purple
Purple Cat answered:
Thanks. Purple is my favourite colour.
grannysj11375859 asked:
Very pretty. Love your fabric choices.
Purple Cat answered:
Thanks. I was very happy with how this block turned out. Really looking forward to the final quilt.
NanaJeanFL asked:
Very nice block! Love every detail!!
Purple Cat answered:
Thank you. I really enjoy putting a block like this together and then seeing how good the finished product looks.
SaundraH asked:
Beautiful! Love the coordinated color combinations.
Purple Cat answered:
Thank you.

Skill Level