2014 Aurifil Designer of The Month

What you will need

  • This is a FREE BOM project for 2014. Twelve designers will all design a 12 inch finished block. I decided to join this year and am using all black & white
  • white & black and gray fabrics. The first block is by Zen Chic Brigitte Heitland as is called Chez Claire. The second block is Mothers Day by Amy Gibson of Stitchery Dickory Dock. If you would like to join here is website: They have also set-up a facebook page by Pat Sloan. Lots of pictures for inspiration. If you would like to join here is facebook page:

Q&A with Scheri Manson

Gail Kessler asked:
This is great Scheri thanks for sharing!
Scheri Manson answered:
Thank you Gail I really enjoyed this class
Surfside6 asked:
I really like your work, Scheri - always interesting. Beautiful fabric on this one. Like the concept of your choices. Looking forward to more photos
Scheri Manson answered:
Surfside thank you so much. I am glad you like the black/white/gray look. I will add a new block every month.