2013 quilt so far

Project Description

What are you most proud of? the help I received from the community. It's like having a world full of friends

What you will need

  • cottons from my stash. Some are of unknown origin!

Q&A with Lesley Wood

Ladymax asked:
Congratulations. You are as organized as we would all love to be. I have all the blocks done so far and they live in a box to be organized at the end of the year.
Lesley Wood answered:
Thanks Ladymax, I think my husband would disagree regarding been organised though! lol. The blocks themselves are sat on a shelf and I am still trying to finish 2012 BOM I have 8 blocks quilted and only 4 sewn together. I saw other people creating this 'picture' and asked them how they did it. Glad I did because the blocks look completely different to my felt tip coloured one x
patz in suffolk asked:
I think you're very clever to fathom out how to make this picture! I read the instructions on another quilter's page, but still have no idea what to do! It looks as though you're going to have a very pretty quilt!
Lesley Wood answered:
Thanks Patz, I hope so. It looks completely different to the coloured in version. If you look in the talk tab on the class page I started a thread and a couple of people gave instructions for 2 different ways of doing the picture. I have MS Publisher so I used that version but you can do it with MS Word as well and pasting the screenshot to MS Paint works like a dream to get the jpeg of the chart from the PDF x